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I’ve been writing since I was in high school. At first, I wrote and published music reviews online. Later, when I discovered Annie Dillard, I started writing creative nonfiction and poetry.

What I was writing wasn’t important. What was important is that I discovered just how much I enjoy writing good sentences. That first love forms the basis of what I do now.

In college I learned how to write fiction and went on to publish a collection of short stories about hockey. Later, I earned an interdisciplinary Master’s that focused on English studies.

For over a decade, I worked for a painting company — first as a project manager, and then as a divisional operations manager. While this experience had very little to do with writing, it was still invaluable. Not only did I learn how to run a business, but I also learned to be curious about my clients and take time to learn about their needs.

Outside of work, I look for ways to feed my curiosity. That includes learning how to run long distances, cooking, watching K-dramas, taking my wife on weird dates, coaching youth sports, and reading according to my whims. Among other things.

Publications & Appearances

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“A Lullaby for Charlie”

Flash essay in Bright Flash Literary Review (April 2023).


“Found in Translation”

Video presentation for Fieldmoot 2022 (November 2022).


“I Could Tell Him Anything”

Video presentation for Fieldmoot 2022 (November 2022).


Blue Ice and Other Stories from the Rink

6 short stories about hockey (May 2009).

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